Boxy Books

May 29 – July 3, 2009
In the reading room an exhibition of artists’ books that are either ‘boxy’ in demeaner or utilize the box as a conceptual and/or visual tool. Artists included are
Aimee Lee

The Walls Are No Longer a Defense

Alicia Bailey

Cosmeceutical Collection

Bonnie Thompson Norman

A Primer for Democracy

Carolyn Leigh

House of Cards

Ezma Hanschka

Famous Planes

Ginger Burrell


James Reid-Cunningham


Jana Sim

Hieroglyphic Characters

Jeanne Borofsky

Time and Space

Maryanne Riker

Leo's Working Dreams

Melissa Kaup-Augustine


Mia Semingson


Rhonda Miller

A box for Nick’s doodles

Roberta Lavadour

Lavadour That's the way I like it (today) a

Sabina Nies

Petal Fold Miniature Book

Stephanie Marinone

Stephanie Marinone - Woman's Herbal Kit

Sun Young Kang


Susan Collard

Book of Dreams

Susann Wilbur

Persistence of Myth #5

Tenille Shuster

Close To Tears

clicking on the image will take you to another site where you can peruse additional images of the books included in the exhibition with more details about the work.


One comment on “Boxy Books

  1. cindy hansen says:

    What a great show, thanks for putting it on facebook for those of us who can’t make it to Denver.

    Hope your gallery continues to do great!


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