Works from Wood

merrill Shatzman Calligraffiti #4Works from Wood, featuring prints and artists’ books that include woodcuts, woodblock prints or woodengraving as a primary element is on display at Abecedarian Gallery July 1 – August 7, 2010.

Neruda Questions L; open book with box

The exhibition, curated by gallery director Alicia Bailey, includes artists from throughout the United States, England, Italy and Australia.

Woodblock printing is one of the oldest forms of printmaking, believed to have originated in China in the 8th Century and spreading quickly throughout Asia and Europe. A relief technique, areas of the wood are removed with a variety of tools, the remaining surface area inked, and the inked surface transferred to paper or fabric. Throughout history the technique has been used to produce prints, books, textiles and wallpaper.

This exhibition includes a wide range of contemporary approaches to both print and book production. Included are the brightly colored, narrative multi-block prints by Anthony Lazorko and by Theresa Haberkorn, stylized one color prints by Merril Schatzman,

Crimes Against Neighbors, Filling Empty Eyes

the exquisitely detailed wood engravings of Johanna Mueller and shrine like boxes covered with reduction wood prints by Carolyn Sheehan.

Woodcut Box 2, interior

Artists’ books on display include a selection of books printed entirely with woodcut by Andrea Krupp, Earle D Swope, Joseph J Field and Lorelie Clark.

Arbitrary Units of Measurement

Most of the books on display combine woodcut printing with other techniques such as letterpress in the works of David Mittelman, Leon Loughridge, Lynn Sures, Robert Walk, Rupert Deese and Tom Virgin.

Variations on the  Dialectic between  Mingus and  Pithecanthropus erectus #1

Alicia Bailey and Frans Baake present books printed utilizing other print processes such as intaglio, offset and photography.

Clicking on above images will take you to a flickr page with full information about the artwork pictured, as well as other works by the same artist.

Clicking on the name from the artists’ list below will take you to their website.
Alicia Bailey, Aurora, Colorado;
Andrea Krupp, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;
Anthony Lazorko, Mesilla, New Mexico;
Carolyn Sheehan, New York, New York;
David Mittelman, Denver, Colorado;
Earle D. Swope, Boise, Idaho
Franz Baake, The Netherlands;;
Joseph J Field, Newcastle, UK
Johanna Mueller, Denver, Colorado;
Leon Loughridge, Denver, Colorado;
Lorelei Clark, Ashgrove, Queensland, Australia;
Lynn Sures, Silver Springs, Maryland;
Merrill Shatzman, Durham, North Carolina;
Robert Walp, Chestertown, New York;
Rupert Deese, New York, New York;
Theresa Haberkorn, Boulder, Colorado;
Tom Virgin, Coconut Grove, Florida


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