Cornucopia Pick #5 – The Heart Wants What it Wants

Lauren FaulkenberryThe Heart Wants What it Wants

ABC11 Lauren_Faulkenberry_WhatTheHeart_1

This a three book set, each book in the form I refer to as a ‘meander’ book. These books, created from one sheet of paper, slit and folded to form a neat package when contained by their covers, explode into life as soon as the unfolding begins. On both the front and covers of each of the three books in the set are images that, when displayed in a particular arrangement, form an image of heart (the body muscle, not the heart shape we associate with greeting cards). I’ve come to expect works with a high level of craft and engaging content when they come from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Lauren’s work does not disappoint.

This book is printed in an edition of 70 and is $325

Lauren Faulkenberry is finishing her MFA in Book Arts at the University of Alabama. Books are her way of preserving memory. The content invites readers to examine the experiences that have made them who they are and consider those things in their memory that they most want to preserve.

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:


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