Cornucopia Pick #6 – My Belonging

Andrea CraneMy Becoming

ABC11 Andrea_Crane_My Becom_#2


Engaging, interactive and whimsical, this installation of 5 plexiglass turntables each containing 10 unique books is an absolute delight to have on display. Filled with narrative, illustrations and pithy observations, one of the 50 books in this installation begins

“I keep it all, I don’t always enjoy it all” in another she describes and illustrates her flaws and imperfections then ends with “it doesn’t seem so bad, I’m loved.”
I’m looking forward to reading the next I’ve chosen – it begins with “I remember what I wore on my first date . . . “

There are several buying options for this work. Each box contains 50 books. The entire 5 box set (50 books) is $2500, individual boxes (10 books each) are $600 each and individual books are $50 each.

Andrea Crane creates multi media works that portray stories of her past and present. Her works have been exhibited in Emanuel Gallery, Foothills Art Center, Box Car Gallery, and Center for Visual Art in Colorado. She attends Metropolitan State College of Denver in pursuit of a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts.

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:


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