Cornucopia Pick #7 – ±OnePercent

Marginalia Press±OnePercent

ABC11 MarginaliaPress_OnePercent_1

This the inaugural project published by Marginalia Press, 
the press of the MA Art and the Book program at the Corcoran College of Art + Design.  The artists are members of the inaugural class of the program. The piece is a collaborative project exploring the nature of heredity and the human genetic code.

Created with a combination of digital, letterpress, screenprinting and etching, cutouts in the main textblock create recesses that house two additional books, rendering the back sections of the main book difficult to access. The two books housed in the cavities are engaging and appealing on their own. One is a flag book/accordion book combination with each page a printed card front and back, the accordion spine a translucent sheet with photographic imagery. The second is a captivating pinwheel accordion book.

This work is dense with information and ideas but so visually and tactilely engaging that it interests on multiple levels. As the book is done as part of an academic program, rather than by artists in private practice, it offers great bank for the book.

In an edition of 40 it is priced at $300

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:


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