Cornucopia Pick #8 – Eight

ABC11 TP_Williams_eight_open

Thomas Parker WilliamsEight

This the third of Thomas’ books exhibited at Abecedarian. This piece, originally conceived as a unique book, is here reproduced in 2/3 scale in an edition of 8. The simplest of constructions (the pages held at one point by a screw-post mechanism) it relies on good design and craft to be effective. The design allows the book to be spread in a way usually not possible with bound materials – allowing glimpses of the front side of every page at once. Although the cover is translucent, when closed the placement of the painted elements obscure the underlying content of the title page, adding a nice element of surprise when the cover is moved just the slightest bit. A stylish presentation of mathematical operations, abstract drawings and tactilely inviting materials.

Thomas Parker Williams lives and works in Philadelphia. His primary areas of work include hand-made artist book editions, painting, and printmaking. Some of his artist book editions contain an audio element – music or sound work – composed, performed, and recorded by the artist.

Edition of 8, this book is $350.

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:


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