Cornucopia Pick #10 – Two Years of Texture

ABC11 simmons 2 years

Shawn Kathleen SimmonsTwo Years of Texture

This Abecedary is made of up 26 cards that can be assembled in a variety of ways, similar to assembling a house of cards. A nice example of form developed out of content the piece stems from a 2-year repair and renovation project Simmons undertook. The backside of each card has a photographically rendered image of objects and textures encountered during her project; some recognizable, some not so much. The text on the front side of each card includes words obviously related to home repair (drilled) and others more obscure (globular). Also on the front are diaristic entries that aren’t necessarily related to the letter/word combination. The entire piece is housed in a single tray drop spine box showing a diagram of the house and detailing the origins of each card’s entries.

Shawn Kathleen Simmons is a book artist, graphic designer and educator in Silver Lake, Ohio.

This is an open edition book; the price is $150

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:


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