Cornucopia Pick #9 – Earthsong

ABC11 Carmela_ Rizzuto_Earthsong_2

Carmela Rizzuot and Jane MonoogianEarth Song
One of the exhibition’s examples of a book-like object is this collaborative piece by Carmela Rizzuto and Jone Manoogian. The piece is comprised of 5 round folios and 8 loose pages (also round) housed in a lidded basket. On the verso side of each of the folded folios Jone has written her thoughts on a certain topic, the recto of the same folio has Carmela’s thoughts on the same topic. These are digitally output. The single leaves have word definitions and are collaged with well-sealed natural plant matter. This is all contained in a beautiful pine needle basket hand-woven by Jone. Also included in the piece is a interior pillow support made by Joyce Miller.
The challenge of using materials such as bark and dried plant materials and preventing them self-destructing has been met successfully with this piece.
Carmela Rizzuto’s artwork is a creative synthesis of imagination and artistic skills. Her primary media for artistic expression are printmaking and mixed media works. Working with natural materials, Jone Small Manoogian transforms personal outdoor experiences into unique, conceptual, artist’s books.  A love of 
wilderness is her inspiration.
It is a unique piece and sells for $1200.
Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:


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