Cornucopia Pick #11 – Small Museum of Nature and History

ABC11 Susan_Collard_Small Museum_2


Susan CollardSmall Museum of Nature and History

In the way that I think of books as interactive sculpture, I think of Susan Collard’s work as interactive 3-D collage. As an architect, she has a grasp of spatial relations and a mechanical understanding of how objects moving through space impact the spaces around. Her exquisitely designed and crafted works include elements both fixed (with hinges for example) or removable (a set of miniature puzzle boxes for example). Her works typically use small mirrors to further manipulate a larger space, with secret compartments and drop down shelves. Smaller than previous works, the Small Museum of Nature and Industry, with its removable and re-arrangeable elements, allows a viewer to create a variety of displays and relationships all within a very small space.
Susan Collard is an architect and book artist in Portland, Oregon. She has been making one-of-a-kind 
collaged and constructed books since 1991. Her work incorporates and transforms found objects, old books, and unorthodox materials. She will be featured in the Interactive Artifact show at Abecedarian Gallery in summer 2011.
This piece has been sold. Please inquire about other available works.
Artist statement, images and descriptive details  here:


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