Cornucopia Pick #13 – The Architecture of Memory

The Architecture of Memory S. Arden Hill

ABC11 s-arden-hill-architecture-memory2

One aspect of the Cornucopia juried show that I so enjoy is seeing the work of artists’ previously unknown to me. S. Arden Hill, of Winnipeg, Canada, is such an artist. I am so taken with his work that I am including it in the Interactive Artifact show at Abecedarian. Arden even flew down for the opening so I got to talk with him more about his work.

This book has a cover made of dried, and flexible glue. In addition to the odd tactile quality the material has, it is flexible and without much memory, making it malleable. The covers can be reshaped and, through the pull of gravity, slowly reform. Yet another book that cannot be fully appreciated unless it is handled.

s. arden hill (b, 1974) is an emerging artist living in Winnipeg. He grew up riding skateboards, playing kick the can, drawing Garfield comics and getting lost in the coulee’s of southern Alberta. Hill is primarily 
a painter but thoroughly enjoys exploring other disciplines including book making and installations.

This book has been sold.

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:


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