Cornucopia Pick #14 – Sweet Grass: My Place

Sweet Grass: My PlaceCB Sherlock

ABC11 Sherlock_Sweet Grass A

This book is exquisite and elegant. It is housed in a hand-dyed, folded vellum box stitched at the corners. The attention to detail in both the box and the book structure add to the content in an appealing way. Printed and handpainted on handmade Sekishu paper, which is lightweight yet strong, the panels are each stitched to thin bamboo rods that nicely support the content of the book. Sherlock uses a variety of type face sizes to mimic the way a landscape visually recedes. For me, the shifting type size is also typical of the shifting recession and importance of memory through the course of a family’s shared experience.

CB Sherlock is a printmaker and book artist. She creates small edition books and one of a kind works 
of art. She finds connections using the flexibility and intimacy of the book structure. Her work is interactive, to be held, touched, read and viewed. It is an exploration of extraordinary found in everyday life.

There are no more copies of this book available.

Artist statement, images and descriptive details  here:


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