Artists’ Book Cornucopia Pick #16 – Ziegler

Goldy Locks and the Three Ws: The First of Six Mixed-Up Fairy TalesCaroline Garcia Ziegler

ABC11 Caroline_Ziegler_GoldyLocks_1This book, with its use of wood and handset lead type, hand-colored lino-cuts, has a simple premise – the mixing up of fairy tales in the creation of a new story. I haven’t had a chance to sit and enjoy this book as much as I want to but have been watching gallery visitors become more engaged and amused with the turn of every page.

The story begins “Once Upon a Time, there was a small family: a Big Bad Wolf, A Younger Wicked Step-Sister, and their child, Wolf.” . . .

Caroline Garcia Ziegler is a printmaker and book artist based in Philadelphia. She was the 2010 Artist in Residence at the Printmaking Center of New Jersey, where she completed her recent body of work. Currently, she is interested in jumbled fairy tales as a means for exploring themes of memory and identity.

This book is an edition of 33, it is priced at $350

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:


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