Artists Book Cornucopia II #18 – Larson

Carrie LarsonBook of Days – a quotidian diary

ABC11 Carrie_Larson_Book of Days_2

A decidedly unsexy look at an aspect of the minutia of a specific household routine, this piece pairs dryer lint with a presentation that mimics a research or specimen collection presentation. I particularly like this piece because it reminds of of a card-catalog, and I very much miss the act of flipping through card catalogs; the way the similar but slightly changing words at the top seem to take on different meaning through the act of flipping through.

Carrie L. Larson continues to hone her visual art skills since graduating from Whitman College in 1993. A love affair with the written word led to Book Arts as means of expression. She currently lives in Hoquiam, WA, where she toils in her attic studio, tends her adored letterpress, and regularly exercises her library card.

This artists’ book has been sold.

Artist statement, images, descriptive details here:


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