Artists Book Cornucopia II #21 – de Almeida

Cristina de AlmeidaTo the [foot of the] letter

ABC11 Cristina_deAlmeida_ToLetter_2

I saw this book last fall in another exhibition but didn’t have much time to peruse it. Thus I was very pleased when it was accepted into a gallery exhibit as I’ve been able to not only spend more time looking at it, but also show it to others. Although printed digitally, the unbound sheets have the look of letterpress printing, It is no surprise to learn that de Almeida teaches graphic design as the layout of each page and the portfolio housing them is sophisticated and engaging.

Cristina de Almeida was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. She is currently a professor of graphic design at Western Washington University. Her experimental books explore visual language through various printed media. They have been exhibited at venues across the United States and abroad, including Canada and Australia.

The edition size is 5, only one copy is still available for $400.

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:


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