Artists Book Cornucopia II – Books without words- Reves & Hoffman

Both of these books are accordion structures, both have no text beyond the titles and colophons. There all similarity stops.

ABC11 MedaVeda_Rives_Current_1Current, by Meda R and Veda M Rives, with a color scheme of shades of white punctuated by flecks of plant material, is rich in a way that surfaces only on closer scrutiny. It is lightweight and airy visually and physically.Veda M. Rives and Meda R. Rives are artists and identical twin sisters who established Mirror Image Press as their studio where they pursue Printmaking, Handmade Paper, Artists’ Books, and BookEnvirons. They create artworks both independently and collaboratively. They exhibit their artworks nationally and internationally.

This books is produced in an edition of 20 and sells for $300

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:

ABC11 judith_hoffman_inmydreams_2Quite the opposite is Judith Hoffman’s metal book In My Dreams We Travel in Boats. Filled with colorful drawings it has a solidity of weight quite at odds with its subject, a series of flying dreams Hoffman has had.

Judith Hoffman grew up with books for friends. In college, while studying painting and drawing, she used ball chains and ribbons to bind small collages into books. Jewelry skills led to metal people-shaped books with metal pages in their chests. She has been working in metal and paper ever since.

This unique books is priced at $1600

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:



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