Artists Book Cornucopia III – Rebecca Childers

Rebecca Childers - Armature

Rebecca Childers – Armature

Armature presents a poem written by Rebecca Childers. Childers wrote the poem, created the image, made the paper, handset the type and bound the book. Childers has an MFA in Creative Writing from University of Iowa, an institution renowned not only for its writing program but as the institution affiliated with the Center of the Book, directed for many years by master papermaker Timothy D. Barrett.

Armatureis a small and elegant work, letterpress printed on handmade paper of a quality that enhances the intimacy of the piece. The book is of simple construction that does not distract from the above mentioned strengths. Every element of this work contributes to the artists’ stated intent:

to recapture in object form the childhood experience of being nestled close to my mother’s body under her winter cape.

To this end she has dyed the felt that serves as book cover the same color as her mother’s cape; the letterpress images are photographs of that same cape and the books closure uses a button similar to the one her mother’s cape.

This is the first work of Childers I have seen; I hope to read more of her skillful writing as well as see more books from her press -The Seedbed of Irony Press, in Eugene, Oregon.

* This books is produced in an edition of 14 and sells for $300.

* Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:


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