Artists Book Cornucopia III – Laurie Weiss

Laurie Weiss - Dark River of Stars


Laurie Weiss (Black Dog Press) with Paulann Peterson and Barbara Mason

Another example of artists’ working collaboratively on a book project is Dark River of Stars, a project overseen by Laurie Weiss at her Black Dog Studio in Oregon.

The work is a collection of poems that Paulann Peterson, Oregon Poet Laureate, sent as gifts to friends and family each Valentine’s Day for nine years. These poems, many previously published, are accompanied by prints created by Barbara Mason. All are beautifully presented in a drum leaf style binding.

The drum leaf style binding allows the abstract imagery on each page to spread in an uninterrupted flow across the page. The lush rainbow roll colors and rich blacks maintain a spontaneous feel while leaving open space for the book’s text.

Each copy of the edition is signed by all three collaborators. It is housed in a matching single tray clamshell box.

This books is produced in an edition of 50 and sells for $350

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here


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