Artists Book Cornucopia III – Cynthia Colbert

Cynthia Colbert – The Scars We Carry


Cynthia Colbert - The Scars We Carry


It is my belief that hand-crafted objects are forever imbued with the energies present during their production, regardless of the intention of their maker. Whether or not viewers are able to tune in to these energies depends on a range of variables.


The hand-worked covers of The Scars We Carry exude calm. To find out that they were sanded and carved while the artist was in a wheelchair recovering from back surgery, unable to rush about and over plan, is consistent with their hand-worked appeal. 


Cynthia says: 


The process of making this book helped me heal. I had unlimited time to think, plan, and reconsider my plans and when I was able, I created the book with certainty and calmness.


The text block pages present a series of cuts and slits, sewed together and/or patched over with translucent paper. The limited text includes hand-written descriptions of some of the scars Colbert has earned over her lifetime.


The books is well crafted in a coptic binding, lies nice and flat and is held closed with a flat hand-knotted braid and shell button.


This books is produced a one of a kind and sells for 600.


Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:


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