Artists Book Cornucopia III – Karen Chew and Nanette Wylde

Karen Chew and Nanette Wylde – Hello Catty! 

Karen Chew & Nanette Wylde - Hello Catty!


The whimsical black and white drawings and colorful cats on the pages of this book make it great fun to peruse. That each page also includes text accessed via moveable wheels, pulls and pop-up flaps makes adds to the fun.


The book is a collaborative work inspired by the unpleasantness of unnecessary meaness. Those unpleasant ‘catty’ traits are treated in a lighthearted and visually appealing and interactive way, such as  a spread featuring a feline cemetery complete with epitaphs such as 


This dead kitty was one to fear because no human ever called her dear. 


The book also includes a game, buttons and a bit of organic catnip.


This books is produced in an edition of 28 and sells for $300


Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here  


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