Artists Book Cornucopia III – Linda K. Johnson

Seasons of Winter by Linda Johnson 


Linda K Johnson - Seasons of Winter


This book makes use of an everyday, low-end material, papertoweling, to create a book perfectly suited for Randy L. Mayes’ musings on winter. Johnson handset the type and printed on slightly translucent papertowels. That each is carefully  torn at the bottom edge creates a series of soft edge layers very evocative of falling snow. 


For Johnson the 

torn fore edges . . . connote the sense of time passing and the observationsof winter changing as the season progresses and ultimately gives way to spring. 


The book is stab bound at the top, the cover a cool tone Amate paper.


This books is produced in an edition of 25 and sells for $125.


Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here


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