Artists Book Cornucopia III – Servane Briand

Traces by Servane Briand


Servane Briand - Traces 2

A favorite attribute of this book is how lovely it smells. The book’s flexible yet sturdy covers are infused with beeswax, which means the book smells good and also feels wonderful in the hand. It is a palm-sized book, easily held while being read, and intended to act, in Briand’s words

as a daily companion and a reminder of the passing of time

I say read even though the book hasn’t any text. It does have narrative qualities. The pages progress through a series of color and tone shifts and each page has a variety of marks and symbols that resemble a partially faded pictographic alphabet. Each signature has a double gate fold, adding to the narrative aspect.


Servane Briand - Traces 1

This book is a one of a kind and sells for $300.

Artist bio, images, descriptive details and ordering information here


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