Artists Book Cornucopia III – Cynthia Nourse Thompson

Artists Book Cornucopia III – Cynthia Nourse Thompson


Cynthia Thompson - Grievous 2

Cynthia Thompson - Remorse 1

The physical and historical path the two girdle books, Grievous and Remorse, by Cynthia Thompson follow make them highlights of the exhibition. 

Each has pages of handmade paper made from historically significant rag fibers (Grievous from unblessed purificators and corporals and Remorse from an unblessed cappa). 


Bound in goat with nickel clasps made by Thompson, the associations and presentation are clean, pure and ordered. 


That they are so rich with content while visually so spare and elegant is a noteworthy accomplishment.


Both books are produced in editions of 5 and sell for $3200 each.


Artist bio, images, descriptive details and ordering information here  


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