Artists Book Cornucopia III – Kyle Holland

Neglected by Kyle Holland

Kyle Holland - Neglected

Neglected, a two volume piece with a wrap around cover is an elegant commentary on a disappointing father/son relationship.


Silhouette images of leafless trees, printed letterpress, grace both the interior panels of the wrapper and the covers of one volume. The second volume has a letterpress bird silhouette on the cover. Variations on the two shapes, bird and trees, appear throughout both volumes; the text is poignant and sparse. 


One volume is printed in bright, warm colors pulp painted on handmade paper, the second is in cooler tones, on translucent paper, furthering the sense of remoteness the title implies. 


Although the two volumes use the same visual forms and approach to text, they complement rather than repeat.


Kyle Holland finishes his undergraduate studies at Memphis College of Art this week. His work is already accomplished and sophisticated. I look forward to his future projects. 


This set is produced in an edition of three and sells for $400. One copy is still available


Artist bio, images, descriptive details and ordering information here.  


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