Artists Book Cornucopia III – Cathryn Miller

The Universe by Cathryn Miller

Cathryn Miller - Universe
The Universe, made as a conscious act of re-purposing a found book, has quite a different look and feel than most other altered books I see. Miller’s purpose is very specific: 


In making these works I take existing popular science books and re-configure them into objects that reveal the content of the text and images in a new way. The subject matter of the book determines the final reconstructed form. 


The three ‘volumes’ of this work each contain dozens of Froebel stars (a Froebel star is a three-dimensional star made of four strips of paper) – the stars fitting exactly into the box cavity when closed and spilling forth when the box lid is opened for viewing.


This set is produced in an edition of one and sells for $1200.


Artist bio, images, descriptive details and ordering information here.


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