Cornucopia Pick 3 – Suspended; Without Sinking

Amy RobinsonSuspended; Without Sinking

ABC11 Amy_Robinson_Suspended_1

Much about this book is perfect. It is quiet and unimposing book; deceptive in its simplicity. From layers of overlapping, translucent pages images and occasional text snippets emerge.The translucent pages are of different heights, so the glimpses of the images underneath emerge with varying degrees of clarity. The text is minimal, the drawings well executed. It ends with the simple phrase Thank You

This little gem is in a variable edition of 7 copies. The book price is $175.

Amy E Robinson is a book artist in Portland, Oregon. Her work focuses mainly on exploring the identity of humans, how much we or don’t know about each other, or even ourselves. Amy’s work attempts to bring notice to the uniqueness or quirkiness of individuals that may be overlooked.

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:


One comment on “Cornucopia Pick 3 – Suspended; Without Sinking

  1. It looks beautiful, it would be nice to be able to see more pages. I like the composition and the space created by the placement of the faint creatures.

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