Artists Book Cornucopia II – Knudson

Lugubrious Distance by Ellen Knudson

ABC11 Ellen_Knudson_LugDist_2

The first book by Ellen Knudson I saw was all about swimming. How Swimming Saved My Life. Lugubrious Distance is about her missing North Carolina. I am reluctant to spend time with artists’ books that are self-referential and filled with personal sentiment because they so often disappoint. Knudson’s books are the exception, in part because they are so well designed and produced.

Ellen Knudson is a book artist producing handmade books under the imprint Crooked Letter Press. She is also currently an Associate in Book Arts at The University of Florida. Her work is in San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (CA), Yale University (CT), Duke University (NC), and many other national & international collections.

There are fifty in this edition; each sells for $350

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:


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