Artists Book Cornucopia III – Ravi Shukla and S. Arden Hill

ahoy parachute boy – Ravi Shukla and S. Arden Hill


Ravi Shukla & S. Arden Hill - ahoy parachute boy 2


Another collaborative effort is that of two Canadian artists Ravi Shukla and S. Arden Hill. Simple in concept and execution (they each created five drawings/pages and then turned those pages over to the other to be finished — the book ahoy parachute boy is stab-bound), the book pages are rich with a variety of reference and materials.


All but the first page are heavily collaged with materials that have a broad range of depth, translucency and physical presence.


The text block is glued in to what, for Hill, has become a signature style. He creates covers (and sometimes entire books) from glue that, when dry, remains malleable. These covers can be formed and reformed, without evident harm, holding their shape for many hours before gravity, or intervention, cause the covers to reshape. 


Ravi Shukla & S. Arden Hill - ahoy parachute boy 1


This books is a one of a kind and sells for $1500.


Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here.  


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