Artists Book Cornucopia III – Sarah McDermott

Sarah McDermott - Problems of Scale 2

Sarah McDermott (Kidney Press) with Joanna Ruocco – Problems of Scale

Several of the books in this show use text written by someone other than the book artist/publisher. Many take the writing of another and use it, with permission but without collaboration, for the project. A few are actively working in collaboration with the text’s author to develop the book.

An example of this collaborative approach is Problems of Scale published by Sarah McDermott’s Kidney Press with text by Joanna Ruocco.

The book is slightly more vertical than is easily held in the hand (an intentional ‘problem of scale’?). It is lightweight with a paper case and cover and feels good in the hand. It is long-stitched through a slotted spine so it opens easily and stays open when asked to do so. Ultimately an approachable book.

McDermott holds an MFA in Book Arts at the University of Alabama and thus knows her way around letterpress (the book is produced with metal type and polymer plates), layout and design.

Sarah McDermott - Problems of Scale 1

The text is sparse, the illustrations quirky in the style I now associate with McDermott (this is the 2nd Kidney Press book exhibited at Abecedarian). Simple line illustrations of two people interacting are printed translucent sheets in a variety of colors allowing both the previous and following pages text and or illustrations to be viewed simultaneously.

This books is produced in an edition of 20 and sells for $340

It is the recipient of the Savannah College of Art and Design Purchase Award.

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:




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